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The Franceschi Method

An individualized treatment protocol that combines conventional medicine with complementary medicine and is integrated with therapies to stimulate brain development using cutting edge equipment and evidence-based methodologies. During the process the patient is continually evaluated to measure the progress and make changes to the treatment protocol which optimize the ability of the patient to improve.

Progress is measured using neurological tests, standardized tests and the ongoing observations from parents and/or caregivers.

The Franceshci Method is a very dynamic clinical protocol that includes:

Phase I

Phase 1 is completed thorough a comprehensive initial evaluation intended to rule out any medical conditions and the following activities are completed:

  1. Complete physical examination 

  2. Comprehensive Neuro-Developmental Evaluation

  3. Referrals to health professionals, as needed

  4. Laboratories and other tests as needed, including genetic

Phase II

Phase 2 is completed based off the results of Phase 1. Often the following activities are completed for each patient.

  1. Dietary modification and individualized nutritional supplementation (if needed) based on specialized laboratory studies. Changes to diet and nutritional supplementation will be done to ensure that the brain is well nourished, therefore improving the communication between neurons.

  2. The incorporation of additional Integrative Medicine Protocols:

    • Biomedical: Stimulates cellular energy production and detoxification

    • Homeopathic Medicine (Medical homeopath): Stimulates the self-healing, detoxification, and energy production capacity of the body.

    • Traditional Medicine

    • Others 

*All treatment protocols are evidenced based and individualized based on the results presented by each patient through initial evaluations, laboratory tests and other studies.

Phase III

Multi-sensory/Psycho-emotional therapeutic sessions

Phase 3 is completed based off the results of Phase 1 and Phase 2. Our clinical team's primary objection for Phase 3 is to encourage maximum brain development in the shortest time possible. 

Multiple technologies are used to enhance brain development, neurogenesis and neuroplasticity; these technologies integrate across all areas: motor, speech/language, sensory integration, behavior modification, cognitive, psycho-emotional, and others.

The therapeutic sessions occurring in Phase 3 are developed by a specialized team of professionals and follow Dr. Báez Franceshci’s protocols in a holistic way. The results are constantly measured to ensure the improvements meet our high standards of care and expected outcomes for each patient.

The parents or caregivers, in the case of children, become part of the team and they receive reports, training; in addition to becoming our most important evaluator.

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