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Wellness Services

The WIN Team knows each parent or caregivers wants the best for each patient. The is the most motivating reason as to why WIN exists and we do the job we do everyday for our patients. A parent or caregiver's good will, noble intentions and best laid plans will not relieve them from a single parenting hurdle. A parent or caregiver will still worry about their grades, lose sleep over GPAs and a child's chance to get into a good college. A parent or caregiver will do their best and still worry that they could have done more. But here is the likely scenario, when a challenge requiring a bit more support or resources shows up, WIN can help and be a partner.

For instance...

  • Maybe you feel your child isn’t reaching their full potential, and you would like to help them develop their intellect more fully.
  • Perhaps you wish to help them take up and enjoy a sport, or become better at the sport they already practice.
  • You simply wish to help them improve their grades.
  • It’s likely that you want them to do better in standardized tests.
  • Possibly, you sense their self esteem needs a boost, and you want to make it easier for them to achieve a healthy self esteem.
  • It could be you would like to see your child act more social, have more friends, and be generally happier.
  • Or maybe you believe they would benefit from spending less time playing video games.
  • By and large, if your child is a pre-teen or a teenager, you are likely wondering what happened and why they are not the same as before; you want to do something to help them back on track, but hit a wall when you try…
  • Maybe you think something is not right when they do not respond like they used to, and also resist your attempts to help. (At times parents have a hard time coping with pre-teens and teenagers’ aloofness or cold hostile facade; other times there’s real cause for concern.)

At WIN, we can help.
We all win every time someone’s life changes for the better.

Should parents or caregivers have any questions for the WIN team, please send an email to


Wellness Services

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