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Caregiver Coaching

Parents & Caregivers are our critical members of our team with every single WIN patient.

As a parent and mother herself, Dr. Carmen Baez Franceschi has built programs that provide the support and guidance caregivers need. Caregiver coaching services are specific, multiple hour programs combined with specific complimentary resources (videos, books, etc ...) that help caregivers manage themselves as well as help patients be more successful.

Over the years, Dr. Carmen Baez Franceschi has learned and seen first hand how active and engaged parents and/or caregivers can make a tremendous difference in the results and overall quality of life for each patient.​

Each parent and/or caregiver of a WIN patient goes through the following:

  • Introduction to WIN Staff and completes a WIN office tour.
  • New Patient Training for Parents & Caregivers
  • Learns about the Various WIN Support Groups & WIN Resources

Should parents or caregivers have any questions for the WIN team, please send an email to

Caregiver Coaching

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